What does Gondola mean?

Gondola refers to a metamorphosized variation of Spurdo Spärde, who himself is a satirical recreation of the Pedobear meme.

“Gondola” is different from Spurdo in the sense that he doesn’t have any arms or a torso, he is always silent and is often depicted as being in the midst of Sad Boi Hours.


What's the origin of Gondola?

“Gondola” first appeared on the successor of the Finnish website Kuvalauta: Ylilauta, on the /int/ board, shared by user Scary Pizza during the summer of 2015, however, the original post has been removed since then.

A myth and a detailed description of “Gondola” was composed and compiled on the website in the following months, establishing his identity as the silent, melancholic observer.

Spread & Usage

How did Gondola spread?

During 2016,“Gondola” spread to Krautchan as well, where the meme gained popularity by the members rapidly, allowing it to spread to sites like 4chan and later even Facebook.

A popular YouTube upload, containing memes of “Gondola” was uploaded by KURLYK TV on September 21st, 2016, under the title “gondola meme compilation”.

Numerous image macros and GIFs, depicting “Gondola” appeared online throughout the late 2010’s, spreading the popularity of the meme.

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