Good For Her


What does Good For Her mean?

Good for her is a quote and meme that refer to an infamous scene from American sit-com Arrested Development.

The quote is uttered by the character Lucille, and is primarily used to express joy felt in an otherwise dark or sad situation, usually at someone else’s expense, but it can also convey a message of genuine happiness upon a woman’s success.

Good for her 


What's the origin of Good For Her?

During the scene, where the quote is taken from, we can see Lucille’s family in the living room, watching the news on the TV.

The news reporter tells the latest news, reporting a woman who let his car roll back into the water with her kids inside.

Lucille, who is off her postpartum meds at the time, joyfully utters good for her.

Following that, we can see the other family members being shocked by the reaction.

Spread & Usage

How did Good For Her spread?

The meme’s initial success can be accredited to a Tumblr post from the mid-2010s, which became the platform for sharing good for her memes.

In 2014, the cut from the scene was uploaded on YouTube by the channel Jacob Yambrick.

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