Good Guy Greg


What does Good Guy Greg mean?

Good guy Greg is an image macro of a muscular-faced, smiling guy smoking a spliff.

The image’s captions are usually conveying a wholesome, kind or genuinely nice message, portraying good guy Greg as a positive figure.

The meme is said to be the ideological counterpart of Scumbag Steve.

Good Guy Greg: Cop Version


What's the origin of Good Guy Greg?

Although the exact origin of Good Guy Greg is unknown, it is believed to have born under a 4chan /b/ – thread, during the time when Animal Advice Memes were experiencing great popularity.

In 2011, the template photo was reworked on image remixing site called Canvas, with the caption being the following: “this i good guy greg”.

The Canvas thread received a total of 570 remix replies in less, than just one year.

Spread & Usage

How did Good Guy Greg spread?

The first image macro featuring Good Guy Greg was uploaded to Quickmemes with the original text stating: “sleeps on your couch / makes breakfast”.

The image almost instantly landed in Reddit’s r/Adviceanimals subreddit. It reached the front page that same day.

Later that year the meme was featured on UrbanDictionary, as well as in several 4chan and Reddit threads.

Compilations were created by Buzzfeed and Ranker, eventually skyrocketing Good Guy Greg’s popularity at the time.

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