H.P. Lovecraft Cat


What does H.P. Lovecraft Cat mean?

H.P. Lovecraft cat refers to the childhood cat of the American horror fiction author, Howard Philips Lovecraft.

The cat retains a great amount of popularity online, as its name contained the most widespread racial slur in the United States; the n-word, with the being N…er-Man.

It is most prevalent in don’t google posts, luring the unaware into finding the slur.


What's the origin of H.P. Lovecraft Cat?

The Lovecraft family owned the peculiarly named pet between 1899 and 1904, until it went missing, when the author was no older than 14 years old.

The cat appears in several sources throughout the legacy of H.P. Lovecraft, such as his letters as well as his 1923 short story, titled The Rats in the Walls.

In the later editions of the short story, however, the name of “H.P. Lovecraft’s cat” is changed to Blackie or Black Tom.

Spread & Usage

How did H.P. Lovecraft Cat spread?

Memes about “H.P. Lovecraft cat” started emerging in 2018 on Tumblr, with users tricking others online to google the name of the iconic author’s cat.

This trend would spread on to numerous other sites, such as Reddit, as well as iFunny.

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