What does haHaa mean?

Can be used to react to anything the is cringeworthy or really awkward/embarrassing.

Like pictured by the character, who unknowingly “invented” the meme Andy Samberg plays a very cringe and embarrassing role in a music video short, always making the sound “haHaa”.



What's the origin of haHaa?

The cringeworthy laughter can be first heard in the music video called “Shy Ronnie (ft. Rihanna)” that was posted online in 2017.

The video spawned a sequel in 2011. where the term got its format from, picturing a still of “Shy Ronnie’s” face played by Andy Samberg. The sound he makes in the first video give meaning to the image.

Spread & Usage

How did haHaa spread?

The meme was turned into an emote on the streaming site Twitch.tv, where it exploded and suddenly everyone was using it.

The peak of the meme was when people started to spam it in the live stream of “GamesDoneQuick” to react to all the cringe, since the term itself was banned in its chat.

Not much later, the emote was banned, to preserve the safe space created and idolized by “GamesDoneQuick”.

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