Hans, Get the Flammenwerfer


What does Hans, Get the Flammenwerfer mean?

Hans, Get the Flammenwerfer is a popular reaction image macro meme, used to express disgust and averstion toward something online.

It derived from the This is a Flammenwerfer. It Werfs Flammen meme series. This particular jest was part of a larger series that poked fun at certain German words – think along the lines of This is a Faxgerät, it fax Geräte and so on.

Nowadays though, this witty quip has become quite popular in its own right across various corners of cyberspace. Typically, invoked when something truly heinous surfaces online (or worse yet: someone creates such content), those who use this phrase are essentially calling for immediate cremation as punishment.

It’s worth noting however that while anyone can enjoy Hans’ fiery wit regardless their political leanings or beliefs…the joke does tend to resonate most with individuals from more conservative backgrounds; particularly those who might feel marginalized due to things like homophobia or misogyny.




What's the origin of Hans, Get the Flammenwerfer?

Whilst the precise genesis of the “Hans, Get the Flammenwerfer” meme remains elusive, it first appeared on 4chan and hiddenlol.com back in 2015 – not long after the launch of the meme site.

Its widespread appeal led to a surge in popularity when it hit 9GAG two years later; becoming an instant favorite among members who often incorporated it into their comments. The meme’s success didn’t stop there, either, as Reddit also welcomed this fiery catchphrase with open arms.

Spread & Usage

How did Hans, Get the Flammenwerfer spread?

The genesis of the meme can be traced back to a rather unsavory and intolerant right-wing atmosphere, making it unsurprising that its presence is most commonly detected in similar circles. “Hans, Get the Flammenwerfer” has spawned several iterations such as “Titus, Fetch the Cross” or “Hans, Get the Zyklon B”, not to mention more heinous versions like “Mumbasa – Get the Child Soldiers”. It goes without saying that all these variants are highly objectionable.

These memes have proliferated across various online platforms including popular websites dedicated solely for sharing them along with Facebook groups and Instagram pages devoted entirely towards humorous image macros.

The “Hans, Get the Flammenwerfer” meme spawned a stunning variety of image macros, as well as inspiring other memes, including the Panzer of the Lake format.

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