Hans, get the flammenwerfer


What does Hans, get the flammenwerfer mean?

Hans, get the flammenwerfer is the child of the classic, popular “This is a Flammenwerfer, it werfs Flammen” meme.

The original Meme was part of a series where some particular German words were ridiculed, such as “This is a Faxgerät, it fax Geräte” and many more.

It is now a popular meme itself on the internet, which is used, when something so abominable is published online, that it and its creator should be cremated on sight.

It is often associated with right wing, homophobic and misogynistic users and is most often embraced by this community, who can relate to the topic projected by the joke.

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What's the origin of Hans, get the flammenwerfer?

The phrase as well as the meme possibly originates from hiddenlol.com, a subdomain of the site hugelol.com.

It showed up, closely following the launch of Hiddenlol, in 2015.

It had spread onto 9gag in 2017, where its popularity peaked and was often embraced by the 9gagger community and had made it to 4chan’s threads as well.

Spread & Usage

How did Hans, get the flammenwerfer spread?

The meme’s birth itself happened in a misogynistic and homophobic, right wing milieu, thus it is more often, than not found in similar contexts.

Hans, get the flammenwerfer also received its own flavours and variations, in the forms of the “Titus, get the cross”, the “Hans, get the zyklon B” and the “Mumbasa, get the childsoldiers” memes.

We can all see the offensive nature of these though.

All of these had spread onto various memesites, as well as the Facebook meme groups and Instagram meme pages.

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