Hard to Swallow Pills


What does Hard to Swallow Pills mean?

Hard to Swallow Pills refers to photoshop edits of pictures from WikiHow.

There are several versions of the meme, the most popular of which are the image where someone is holding a bottle of pills, called “Hard to Swallow Pills” while the other image depicts three pills in someone’s hand with various texts written on them.

Hard to swallow pills meme template


What's the origin of Hard to Swallow Pills?

The original WikiHow images can be found in the article called How to Lower Myostatin Levels and they were uploaded to the guide in 2017.

Spread & Usage

How did Hard to Swallow Pills spread?

The first “hard to swallow pills” meme was uploaded to Reddit in 2018 as an object labeling meme.

Not long after, new versions of the format started appearing on the message board, as well as sites like Facebook, Twitter as well as Instagram.

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