Hello, Fellow Kids


What does Hello, Fellow Kids mean?

The quote, Hello, fellow kids, originally known as How do you do, fellow kids? refers to a reaction image and reaction GIF that is predominantly used for mocking online personas, trying to blend in to communities that they are clearly not a part of.

The image macro depicts Steve Buscemi in a youthful outfit, holding a skateboard, paired with the caption “hello, fellow kids” or “how do you do, fellow kids?”.

It is frequently photoshopped and edited, so that Buscemi dons the style of a particular subculture, making variations of the meme highly relevant to certain contexts.


What's the origin of Hello, Fellow Kids?

“Hello, fellow kids” originates from the 30 Rock season 6, episode 8, titled “The Tuxedo Begins”, in which Steve Buscemi plays a private detective.

The episode, which aired on February 16th, 2012, involves Buscemi in a scene, where he describes a “successful” infiltration into a high school, masquerading as a student.

Viewers were then shown a skit, where the actor is dressed into colorful clothes, with a cap to the back, holding a skateboard, walking up to a couple of kids, saying “how do you do, fellow kids?”.

The scene instantly became a meme, appearing online in image macro and GIF memes.

Spread & Usage

How did Hello, Fellow Kids spread?

By spring 2012, a large amoung of reaction images and GIFs were in circulation online, paired with the captions “Hello, fellow kids”.

On 4chan’s boards, the phrase “hello, fellow kids” and “how do you do, fellow kids?” gained a bigger popularity, than the picture, while on Imgur and Tumblr, GIFs would be more commonplace.

Over the years, many people started referring to the meme with the misquotation “hello, fellow kids” which became more frequently googled than the original phrase.

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