Here Come Dat Boi


What does Here Come Dat Boi mean?

Here come Dat Boi is the catchphrase of an internet meme featuring a green 3D-modelled frog (Dat Boi) riding a unicycle.

The catchphrase is usually followed by the line β€œo sh*t waddup”.


What's the origin of Here Come Dat Boi?

The that boi name was first used on a computer generated Pac-Man meme, however, the name is more strongly associated with the unicycle-riding frog image.

The image of the frog originates from a clip-art website called Animation Factory.

In 2016, the Facebook page called Fresh Memes About the Mojave Desert and Other Delectable Cuisines posted the image in question with the texts “here come dat boi!!!!!!” & β€œo sh*t waddup!”

Spread & Usage

How did Here Come Dat Boi spread?

Not long after the original meme has surfaced in 2016, here come dat boi was featured in a huge number of Twitter posts.

It was so popular at the time that the meme has even got covered in articles of The Guardian, Vox and Paper Magazine.

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