Hey, I’ve Seen This One


What does Hey, I’ve Seen This One mean?

Hey, I’ve seen this one refers to memorable quote from Back to the Future, said by Marty McFly.

Online, the scene is used on reaction image macros and GIFs in a similar manner to the I Seent It meme.

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What's the origin of Hey, I’ve Seen This One?

Back to the Future premiered in the United States on July 3rd, 1985.

In one of the scenes, Marty McFly (portrayed by Michael J. Fox) exclaims “Hey, I’ve seen this one” when he sees a premiering episode of The Honeymooners TV show.

The first GIF of the moment was uploaded to Tumblr by awkwardelevatorinc on March 12th, 2013, in a series of other GIFs originating from the film.

Spread & Usage

How did Hey, I’ve Seen This One spread?

In later years, the meme appeared sporadically online, as a reaction to reposted content, however it didn’t gain a wider popularity until 2018.

However, starting in November 2018, “Hey, I’ve seen this one” was posted to the r/dankmemes subreddit.

This marked the beginning of the spread of the meme, as it would appear on sites like Facebook, iFunny and Instagram as well as several other subreddits.

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