Hippity Hoppity


What does Hippity Hoppity mean?

Hippity Hoppity is a series of memes that feature pictures of frogs, with a caption that starts with hippity hoppity and then a thought that ends with a word which rhymes with “hoppity”.

These memes fall under the category of snowclone, meaning that their meaning can vary based on the given context that it’s used in.


What's the origin of Hippity Hoppity?

The format originates from a Facebook meme group called There’s a War on For Your Memes.

In 2017, a member of the group submitted an early variant of the meme to the page, which featured an image of a black-yellow spotted poison frog, with the caption “hippity hoppity get off my property”.

This specific meme is believed to have been inspired by the Anarcho-Capitalist movement, indicating that the format conveys an underlying political connotation.

Spread & Usage

How did Hippity Hoppity spread?

These memes quickly gained the focus of various political subcultures and communities. From 2017, many subreddits, such as r/Anarcho_Capitalism and r/FULLCOMMUNISM featured various images of frogs and hippity hoppity snowclone captions.

Eventually, the format has found its way to more generic, popular meme subreddits like r/dankmemes or r/MemeEconomy.

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