Hmmm, Today I Will


What does Hmmm, Today I Will mean?

Hmmm, today I will, also referred to as clueless is a four paneled, exploitable comic format, similar to Rage Comics.

It revolves around a stick figure protagonist, who decides to listen to an unspecified band, and whose reactions are shown by the last panel of the comics.

The meme format parodies the various reactions people have to certain genres of music, as well as the common stereotypes associated with certain bands and their fandoms.


What's the origin of Hmmm, Today I Will?

An early example of the “hmmm, today I will” comic was uploaded to the /mu/ board of 4chan in February, 2010, similar to the then widely popular Rage Comics format.

The meme would often reoccur on 4chan’s boards, the most common being the music board (/mu/).

Spread & Usage

How did Hmmm, Today I Will spread?

Starting in 2017, the “hmmm, today I will” format started seeing different kinds of comics created from its template, most of them ironic.

These memes would appear on sites like Tumblr, 4chan and Reddit, with a variety of nonsensical content written, for humorous effect.

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