Honk Shoo vs Honk Mimimi


What does Honk Shoo vs Honk Mimimi mean?

Honk Shoo vs Honk Mimimi refers to a widely used and recognized onomatopoeic transcription of snoring sounds, mostly seen in cartoons from the mid-20th century.

Online, the two sounds have been the subject of heavy memeing, dividing people along the faultlines between “Honk Shoo” and “Honk Mimimi.” Image macros have been rampant on social media platforms and meme sites, like Reddit and iFunny.



What's the origin of Honk Shoo vs Honk Mimimi?

“Honk Shoo” and “Honk Mimimi” have been used as a popular imitation of snoring in cartoons since the middle of the 1900s, appearing in cartoons like “Popeye” and “Looney Tunes.”

One of the earliest cases of the “Honk Shoo vs Honk Mimimi” emerged online on February 26th, 2020, on Tumblr in a discussion between users moisturiser and eliteknightcats, who each identified themselves with one of the two.


Spread & Usage

How did Honk Shoo vs Honk Mimimi spread?

Memes of “Honk Shoo vs Honk Mimimi” took the internet at the end of 2021, when image macro memes and jokes started appearing on sites like iFunny, Tumblr and Twitter.

By 2022, TikToks and YouTube videos also began joining in on the fun, with humorous gags and cartoon clips begin uploaded to the video sharing platforms.

Online, the “Honk Shoo” meme also became tightly entangled with the Nightcappopularly worn in cartoons.

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