How About No


What does How About No mean?

How about no? is a famous quote from Mike Myers’ Austin Powers series.

On the web, it is used as a hashtag, or can be combined with reaction images on image boards.


What's the origin of How About No?

“How about no” was a slang expression back in 1987 already, however it was largely popularized by the second Austin Powers movie, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, which was premiered in 1999.

In the motion picture, it is the villain, Dr. Evil (played by Mike Myers) who uses the expression.

The catchphrase appeared in the third installment of the film as well, titled Goldmember.

Spread & Usage

How did How About No spread?

Online, “how about no” started appearing in the 2000’s, on forums, message- and image boards.

It was first defined on Urban Dictionary in 2005, leading to its more widespread use.

During the 2010’s, it turned into a hashtag, as well as appearing on reaction images and memes on Reddit, Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook.

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