How Did You Do in P.E. Today?


What does How Did You Do in P.E. Today? mean?

How did you do in P.E. today? refers to a photo of a school poster, asking students about their performance during sports class.

The question is followed by three emojis, one smiling, one looking sad and the one in the middle, looking deprived of all hope and vitality.

How did you do in P.E today?


What's the origin of How Did You Do in P.E. Today??

The exact origin of the poster is unknown, but it looks like it was made by a well-meaning elementary or high school teacher.

One of the earliest instances of the poster online was uploaded to Imgur by user markymarktwain on April 18th, 2014, gaining only moderate attention.

โ€œHow did you do in P.E. today?โ€ was first reposted on Redditโ€™s r/creepy sub on November 27th, 2014.

Spread & Usage

How did How Did You Do in P.E. Today? spread?

In the following years, especially after 2018, the question would inspire artworks and reiterations to the original life-deprived face, that would be uploaded to DeviantArt, Imgur, Reddit, 9GAG and iFunny.

YouTube videos, combining the emoji with creepy music, static noises and dark tones would also become a popular iteration of the โ€œHow did you do in P.E. today?โ€ meme.

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