How Is Babby Formed?


What does How Is Babby Formed? mean?

How is babby formed? refers to a Yahoo! Answers question, inquiring about the conception of children.

It is widely known for the grammatical errors and the strange phrasing, which makes readers feel like it was posed by a child.

Online, the question grew to be a widely recognized meme, appearing in copypastas, as well as YouTube parodies.


What's the origin of How Is Babby Formed??

The original question was posted on the Yahoo! Answers forum in 2006, by user kavya with the words “How is babby formed? how is babby formed how girl get pragnent”.

Many answers were written over the years, most of them defined by an abundance of grammatical errors which makes them hardly intelligible.

The original post was removed, and can only be encountered through reposts and screenshots.

Spread & Usage

How did How Is Babby Formed? spread?

In the following period, the post would appear on the Something Awful forums several times.

The word “babby” was defined on Urban Dictionary in 2008, leading to the further spread of the meme.

On June 30th, 2008, Chris Bixby uploaded a parody of the discussion on to YouTube, depicting cavemen reading the question and the answers.

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