How To Spoon


What does How To Spoon mean?

How to spoon is the name of a copypasta that discusses the main elements of the act of spooning, a kind of position that 2 people take when cuddling in bed, in a comical approach.

Originating from Tumblr, this copypasta imitate a text conversation between 2 persons, starting by one compiling the major aspects of spooning in bullet points, and then the other person simply asking “what?”. Then, the first person answers with a text identical with their initial one, except the text appearing in bold.

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What's the origin of How To Spoon?

In 2014, a since-deactivated Tumblr account posted the original how to spoon text on their blog, which has received almost 500 thousand notes to date.

User toohot-tohoot reblogged the post, and captioned it in a simplistic manner by simply asking: “What?”. The original post’s creator then replied by copying his text and switching the original font-style with bold letters.

This Tumblr conversation then was made into an online copypasta meme that appears in various corners of the Internet.

Spread & Usage

How did How To Spoon spread?

Other than being a copypasta, meaning that people copy the exact body of the text and then paste it to various places for fun, how to spoon spread online by getting mixed up with various other meme formats as well.

Perhaps the most prominent of these meme-combinations is the phenomenon of mixing how to spoon with Prequel memes, both in image macro and video formats, primarily on the sites Imgur and YouTube.

How to spoon received an article on the site Urban Dictionary in 2018, which was submitted by a user named Burn the Jews.

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