How To Talk to Short People


What does How To Talk to Short People mean?

How to talk to short people refers to a popular webcomic, ironically presenting people with the appropriate way to speak to people with a smaller stature.

Over time, the internet rendered the original format into an exploitable, with people replacing the guide with absurd way of talking to short people.

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What's the origin of How To Talk to Short People?

The comic “How to talk to short people” was first posted on Tumblr by the-grin-reaper on March 23rd, 2014.

It depicts two scenarios; one where the tall person is engaging the shorter one normally, standing straight, while on the other one, he is bending down to the tinier person.

The latter scenario is marked “leave” by the author.

Spread & Usage

How did How To Talk to Short People spread?

The format would see quick spread, as other artists would share their own rendition of the same concept on sites like DeviantArt and Rebloggy.

“How to talk to short people” would start being exploited by humor sites in 2016, as it would appear on sites like and later 9GAG as well as Reddit.

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