I Am the Captain Now


What does I Am the Captain Now mean?

I Am the Captain Now, or Look at Me, I Am the Captain Now is an iconic quote from the movie Captain Philips, in which the plot is propelled by Somalian pirates seizing and controlling an American cargo ship.

One of the said pirates says the phrase to the previous captain of the ship, setting the ground for yet another meme to be used on the internet.

On the web, people use the phrase to convey that they are seizing control over others.

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What's the origin of I Am the Captain Now?

The Academy award winning film debuted in 2013, and the meme was created shortly after, as people were moved so much by the power play of the pirates’ leader.

First, a GIF was created from the scene, then, in 2014, it got turned into a reaction image, though it had received a miniscule amount of attention on FunnyJunk.

Spread & Usage

How did I Am the Captain Now spread?

Even though the first version of the meme went more or less unnoticed, it still gained bigger and bigger attention, as it was posed on Reddit.

Shortly after this, editions came, where the pirate leader, Abduwali Muse is portrayed as various captains, like Captain America, or pirate captains from various pop culture like Captain Hook or Captain Crunch.

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