I Am the Captain Now


What does I Am the Captain Now mean?

I Am the Captain Now or its longer variant “Look at Me, I Am the Captain Now”, has become a cultural phenomenon thanks to its appearance in the film “Captain Philips”. The premise of this cinematic masterpiece revolves around Somali pirates taking over an American cargo vessel.

During their hostile takeover, one pirate boldly utters these words to assert his newfound authority. Since then, it’s been transformed into yet another internet meme that never fails to amuse.

Online, people have adopted this phrase as a way of claiming dominance and control over others.


Look at me. I am the captain now.


What's the origin of I Am the Captain Now?

The cinematic masterpiece, “Captain Philips,” which snagged an Academy Award in 2013, inspired a viral meme that swept the internet shortly after its release. The ruthless tactics of the pirates’ leader left viewers spellbound and eager to share their reactions with others.

Initially crafted into a GIF from one of the film’s most gripping scenes, this iconic image was later transformed into a widely used reaction picture in 2014. Despite garnering minimal attention on FunnyJunk at first, it quickly gained momentum as netizens couldn’t resist incorporating it into their online conversations.

Spread & Usage

How did I Am the Captain Now spread?

Though the initial rendition of this meme may have gone relatively unnoticed, it gradually garnered more and more traction upon its arrival on Reddit.

Subsequently, an array of adaptations emerged depicting Abduwali Muse – the pirate chieftain – as a multitude of captains including Captain America, Captain Hook and even a cereal mascot turned seafarer: Captain Crunch.
“I Am the Captain Now” memes were rampant on the internet in 2014 and 2015, often appearing on sites like 9GAG, Twitter, Facebook as well as Instagram.

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