I Can Fix That


What does I Can Fix That mean?

I can fix that refers to the catchphrase of Sam from the movie Holes.

It can be seen on image macros and reaction images online, featuring a screenshot from the movie.

When an attractive black guy says “I can fix that”


What's the origin of I Can Fix That?

The catchphrase can be encountered in the 2003 movie, Holes in which Sam, the Onion man (played by Dulé Hill) is often seen saying the sentence to Miss Kathryn Barlow (played by Patricia Arquette).

Spread & Usage

How did I Can Fix That spread?

Following the success of the movie, fans started applying the catchphrase in their own lives.

“I can fix that” was mentioned on Urban Dictionary on September 26th, 2007.

The image macro started appearing online in 2019, on sites such as Reddit, Imgur, as well as Pinterest.

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