I Can Fix That


What does I Can Fix That mean?

The phrase I Can Fix That originates from the movie Holes, and it has become a popular reaction meme, for helping someone.

In the movie, the character Sam (played by Dulé Hill) is seen uttering the phrase, offering help to Miss Katherine Barlow (portrayed by Patricia Arquette) on multiple occasions.

Online, this phrase has come to represent a person’s willingness and determination to lend a helping hand with whatever problem someone else may be facing.

From affectionate memes to GIFs and image macros, you can find this phrase online as an expression of goodwill and assistance. It serves as an encouraging reminder that no matter how insurmountable a task may seem, there is always hope and solutions available if we are helpful towards others.

When an attractive black guy says “I can fix that”


What's the origin of I Can Fix That?

“I Can Fix That” originates from the 2003 western, titled Holes.

The movie introduces a developing relationship between a black character, Sam, the Onion Man and Miss Katherine Barlow. Kate is seen asking for help from Sam on multiple occasions, and each time, Sam‘s response is “I Can Fix That.”

This selflessness eventually turns into romantic interest, that has a major effect on the rest of the film’s plot.

Spread & Usage

How did I Can Fix That spread?

The success of Holes led to fans applying Sam‘s catchphrase in their own life.

“I Can Fix That” was first added to Urban Dictionary on September 26th, 2007, with several other entries following in the subsequent years.

The fandom of Holes began using the expression online in the 2010s, with movie clips appearing on YouTube around 2015.

This eventually led to the creation of reaction image macros and GIFs, depicting Sam saying “I Can Fix That.”

The meme began gaining massive popularity online in 2019, appearing on sites like YouTube, Tumblr, Reddit as well as 9GAG.

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