I Don’t Feel So Good


What does I Don’t Feel So Good mean?

I don’t feel so good, also referred to as disintegration effect is a meme, originating from Avengers: Infinity Wars, featuring photoshop edits of characters and people disintegrating, while saying the phrase “I don’t feel so good”.


What's the origin of I Don’t Feel So Good?

Disintegration effect image macros have been spreading on the internet since 2017, with various posts emerging on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter memes.

The “I don’t feel so good” format appeared following the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War in 2018, as characters perished by disintegrating in the movie.

Spread & Usage

How did I Don’t Feel So Good spread?

“I don’t feel so good” memes started appearing within two days after the release of the motion picture, disintegrating iconic pop culture and meme characters.

The format would be most prevalent on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, as well as Reddit.

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