I Don’t Understand


What does I Don’t Understand mean?

I don’t understand relates to one specific scene taken from the American Reality TV series Bad Girls Club, that has become an exploitable and a viral trend on YouTube.

The clip features 2 girls who are competing against each other during the show. One of them, Erika, rhythmically utters the lines “I don’t understand, I don’t understand b*tch” in the direction of the other girl.

Erika also performs remarkable dance moves during the scene which has inspired people on the internet to create video remixes and to use it as a reference point for jokes.



What's the origin of I Don’t Understand?

Bad Girls Club: Mexico Season 9 aired in the United States in 2012, the scene in question was featured in one of the season’s episodes.

The original version of the clip, which serves as the foundation of further memes, was uploaded on YouTube by an account called VinnyTheMan2. This version also contained the other girl Rima’s backlashing reaction to Erika’s oddly entertaining performance.

Spread & Usage

How did I Don’t Understand spread?

The scene itself became a memorable moment of the show among fans, and was mildly well-known on the internet.

In 2016, a BuzzFeed rewind quiz article was dedicated to the phenomena, titled: How Well Do You Remember Erika’s “I Don’t Understand” Dance?

On YouTube, the clip inspired a handful of people to remix the scene by adding upbeat music and funky light effects to the dance.

An EDM song, that uses Erika’s recited lines as a key element, was released by producer seantheremixer in 2013. Since then, the track on YouTube has generated over 300.000 clicks.


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