I Got One More In Me


What does I Got One More In Me mean?

I Got One More In Me refers to an infographic of Vince Carter, returning to the league to play one more season in the NBA, in 2019.

The infographic, created by Bleacher Report was adopted by online communities on Twitter as a reaction image macro, mostly used in 2020.



What's the origin of I Got One More In Me?

The “I Got One More In Me” meme originates from June 5th, 2019, when Bleacher Report shared an infographic on their Twitter account, depicting Vince Carter in Atlanta Hawks uniform, paired with the titular captions.

Meme uses of the infographic began emerging on Twitter in August 2019, mostly in Sportsball and basketball related communities.

Spread & Usage

How did I Got One More In Me spread?

After hybernating for a few years, the “I Got One More In Me” meme experienced a strong revival in 2022, when more and more posts started featuring the infographic on Twitter.

December 2022 was especially strong in using the format, and 2023 saw a steady rise in its popularity, still being used To This Day. “I Got One More In Me” also became closely associated with the Sigma Male trope, appearing on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

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