I Have Several Questions


What does I Have Several Questions mean?

I have several questions is a picture and quote of famous YouTuber JonTron.

It is considered to be a reaction-type image, mostly used under the discussion of controversial topics on the internet.

I have several questions.


What's the origin of I Have Several Questions?

JonTron uploaded the original video onto his YouTube channel called the JonTronShow in 2014.

The video was titled “Plug and Play Consoles”, and it was themed around JonTron showcasing weird, old-school consoles that include cheap and dodgy built-in games.

Around the middle of the video he selects a game that appears to be a Super Mario-like replica, only to be then welcomed with the title “Mr Mary”.

 Following that, the video proceeds to show JonTron’s reaction with him pointing up with his finger and saying “I have several questions.”

Spread & Usage

How did I Have Several Questions spread?

The same day the video was posted, an animated GIF of JonTron saying I have several questions was uploaded on KnowYourMeme.

Meme sharing sites and communities such as Reddit or 4chan started to use the format right away, and since then the meme was utilized to label abstract acts and occurrences both in real life and on the internet.

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