I Like It, Picasso


What does I Like It, Picasso mean?

I Like It, Picasso refers to a viral video and a popular lip dubbing trend on TikTok.

The original video featured a man passing by two people who were decorating a car. Upon inquiring what they were doing, one replied that it was an art project. The passerby then sponded with an impressed remark, saying “Okay, I like it, Picasso!”.


What's the origin of I Like It, Picasso?

The “I Like It, Picasso” trend was launched on the 12th of January 2022, when TikTok user @itsreefa shared a video where he is moving past two individuals, one wearing an outfit which looked to be a drag outfit, decorating a vehicle for what they said was an art project. The man responded with  “Okay, I Like It, Picasso.”

The video instantly gained a large audience on TikTok and soon enough other videos, using the original sound, began swaming the social media platform.

A followup TikTok also appeared, where a user recorded the same car as in the original video, with one of the decorators chanting on top of it, while someone else was chasing them with a flare. This video, however, has been removed since then.

Spread & Usage

How did I Like It, Picasso spread?

The “I Like It, Picasso” trend blew up massively, with countless TikToks being shared on the app, people using the original sound in a wide variety of situations – mostly related to art.

Other social media sites have also gotten their fair share of the trend, as the videos also spread to Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, mostly in the form of reposts.

Despite its significant age, the “I Like It, Picasso” meme is still quite popular on TikTok, with a large amount of videos still surfacing on the topic.

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