I Owe You My Life


What does I Owe You My Life mean?

I owe you my life also known as you are safe now my sweet child is an exploitable one panel webcomic, depicting a naked man with horse-like hind legs, feeding watermelon to a llama-like animal, while they are saying the quotes above.

The image has been edited and recaptioned several times, making it a reoccurring meme.

i owe you my life


What's the origin of I Owe You My Life?

ย The original comic was uploaded to the Facebook page Simpsons pictures that I gone and done on May 1st, 2014.

It had gotten a large amount of likes and comments over the years and had spread onto various other sites.

Spread & Usage

How did I Owe You My Life spread?

The image was soon reposted on FunnyJunk and was uploaded to YouTube with a narration as well.

The meme had become an exploitable after this, appearing on Reddit as well as Tumblr with various captions above the comic.

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