I See This as an Absolute Win


What does I See This as an Absolute Win mean?

I See This as an Absolute Win is a popular quote from the 2019 Avenger movie; Endgame, said by the muscular Shrek impostor; Hulk.

After the Marvel movie of that year hit the theaters, memers started throwing up pics of the quote as an image macro or reaction image, in situations where one dismisses the negatives of an otherwise beneficial situation.

I see this as an absolute win!


What's the origin of I See This as an Absolute Win?

The quote comes from the scene in Avengers: Endgame, where Hulk, also known as Bruce Banner is making a comment on his failed experiment with time travel.

The image macro was already on the web in a week, serving as the new template for memes.

Spread & Usage

How did I See This as an Absolute Win spread?

The first meme was uploaded to Reddit’s /r/dankmemes thread on 5th May 2019.

The next day it was already adopted by several other users as well as subreddits and the following time period saw it spread to meme sites and meme groups on Facebook, Instagram and the usual places.

Its popularity surged in May and following that it was replaced by newer memes; time doesn’t wait for anybody.

But surely, the meme considers its short life on the web an absolute win.

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