If You Hard, Then You Hard


What does If You Hard, Then You Hard mean?

If you hard, then you hard refers to a popular exploitable image online, depicting a poster with a confusing text layout, saying β€œIf you WORK hard. Then you PLAY hard.”

Online, people parody the poster with reaction image formats, depicting the two clashing interpretations.

If you hard. Then you hard. WORKPLAY


What's the origin of If You Hard, Then You Hard?

The exact origin of the meme is not known, although an early upload of the poster was shared on Reddit’s r/keming subreddit by Bossfeller on January 13th, 2018.

Since then, the format would appear in a number of subreddits, including r/memes and r/dankmemes.

Spread & Usage

How did If You Hard, Then You Hard spread?

The format would spread on to various other websites, including Twitter, Instagram as well as Facebook meme groups.

The phrase β€œIf you hard, then you hard” is also used independently in comments and posts.

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