Ight Imma Head Out


What does Ight Imma Head Out mean?

Ight Imma Head Out is an image macro and popular meme, featuring the world famous cartoon character; SpongeBob SquarePants sitting down into a chair, with the titular text also appearing on the picture.

Even though he is actually sitting down into his chair, the meme is observed as him getting up, and is used in situations, when one feels the deep desire to just not give a damn and leave.

Basically my relation to life on sleepless nights.

Smol Ight Imma head out meme dump


What's the origin of Ight Imma Head Out?

The episode, where we may observe the scene aired in 2001 and is titled “The Smoking Peanut”.

In 2018, before the sentence got fused with the shot of the scene, Twitter user @BBWslayer666 posted a tweet, observing how weed enthusiasts love to go to their friends, smoke an excessive amount of the herb, look awkwardly at the floor for 30 minutes then just go like “aight bro I’m boutta head out”.

The same day, another tweet was uploaded, with as screen capture from a live action parody of the cartoon and the sentence quoted above.

One year later, the well-known SpongeBob meme got created and Tweeted as well.

Spread & Usage

How did Ight Imma Head Out spread?

Following that, the image macro was used as a reaction for several Tweets and had spread further and further on the web, as a popular meme format.

It had also made it to Reddit, and in turn became one of the biggest memes of the year 2019.

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