I’ll Never Forgive the Japanese


What does I’ll Never Forgive the Japanese mean?

I’ll never forgive the Japanese refers to a memorable quote, originating from the anime series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency.

It was said by Joseph Joestar, a reoccurring character throughout the series.

Online, the quote is paired with an image macro of Joseph shaking his hand threateningly, while a Japanese man is curling in pain next to him.

I’ll never forgive the Japanese


What's the origin of I’ll Never Forgive the Japanese?

The quote appears in the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime’s 26th episode, first aired in Japan on April 6th, 2013, with the title The Ascendant One.

At the end of the episode, right before the end credits, Joseph Joestar meets a Japanese person at an airport, then proceeds to kick him in the shin, then going on a rant about his hatred, ending it with the iconic line “I’ll never forgive the Japanese!”.

Spread & Usage

How did I’ll Never Forgive the Japanese spread?

The quote would be first turned into a meme in 2015, as it would appear on Reddit’s anime related subs.

It would reach its current form in 2018, as image macros would appear on Imgur and Reddit.

By 2020, the meme would spread to sites like 9GAG, Facebook, me.me and Imgflip.

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