I’m A Gnome


What does I’m A Gnome mean?

I’m a gnome (or you’ve been gnomed) is a meme that can be classified as a type of bait-and-switch.

The meme tricks the audience into seeing the computer-animated gnome – called Noggin Clontith – midst of watching something totally different.

Being out of context is a key element for this meme in order to work.


What's the origin of I’m A Gnome?

In 2018 a British website under the domain name NogginClontith.co.uk was launched, with the aim to tell the story of Noggin Clontith, the gnome.

A YouTube video was uploaded in 2010 by the website’s developers for marketing purposes.

The video featured Noggin Clontith looking at the viewer and screaming “you’ve been gnomed!”

Spread & Usage

How did I’m A Gnome spread?

The meme started to spread on Reddit in 2015, after user Rolfy posted the video on /r/DeepIntoYoutube.

After it, copypastas were created and I’m a gnome eventually made it to the Wiki page called Trollpasta.

In 2018, the phrase “gnomed” was given an article on Urban Dictionary.

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