I’m A Healer, But…


What does I’m A Healer, But… mean?

I’m a healer, but… refers to a memorable quote from the anime series After War Gundam X, which is popularly used online to joke about support characters fight in video games.

The image macro, created from a screen capture from the series, depicts a doctor in a lab coat loading a pistol, saying the line “I’m a healer, but…”.


What's the origin of I’m A Healer, But…?

The meme originates from the 21st Episode of After War Gundam X, which first aired under the title “Like My Dead Wife Used to Say” on August 23rd, 1996.

The episode presents viewers with a ship, name The Freeden attacked.

One of the scenes depict Techcs Farzenberg, the doctor of the ship pull out a handgun from a drawer, while saying “I’m a healer, but…”.

Spread & Usage

How did I’m A Healer, But… spread?

Memes of the scene started appearing online in 2018, with an early clip of the scene having been uploaded to YouTube by M.D. Chaos on July 8th, 2018, under the title “I’m a healer, but…”.

Following this, memes would be more and more frequent on 4chan and Reddit’s subs and boards, related to anime as well as video games.

Either the phrase, the image macro or both had appeared on numerous sites in 2020, including DeviantArt, 9GAG, Reddit, 4chan and Twitter.

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