I’m in Danger


What does I’m in Danger mean?

The phrase I’m in danger, also referred to Ralph in danger is a reaction image, originating from The Simpsons, depicting Ralph Wiggum on a bus, with the subtitles “*chuckles* I’m in danger.”

The format has amassed a great amount of popularity, due to the incredibly large amount of memes and image macros, that were created from it.

I’m in danger


What's the origin of I’m in Danger?

The scene is seen in the 2014 crossover episode, The Simpsons Guy, in which The Simpsons and Family Guy cast are both in Springfield.

The crossover episode was broadcasted on September 28th, 2014.

Spread & Usage

How did I’m in Danger spread?

The screenshot, featuring Ralph saying “I’m in danger” turned into a meme in the March of 2018, thanks to Reddit, where several reaction images started circulating, placing users in life threatening situations, to which they just react with a chuckle and an astute observation; their life is in danger.

The meme had spread quick like wildfire, both on Reddit as well as other sites, where users are known to get their daily dose of dank memery.

It appeared in subreddits, like /r/dankemmes, /r/MemeEconomy as well as sites like, Instagram where meme pages posted the template, and Facebook meme groups where members could post their own versions of the format.

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