I’m Sure You Can’t Find the 4th Object


What does I’m Sure You Can’t Find the 4th Object mean?

I’m Sure You Can’t Find the 4th Object is a popular meme series and social media game series, where people are shown an image of a scene, with four hidden objects.

These images started appearing in the ads of a mobile game – cause You Got Games On Your Phone – titled Find the Fourth Object.” Over time, memes of these images began spreading, becoming a major trend in 2022 and 2023, appearing on social media sites like TikTok and Facebook. Most memes are built on the template of displaying only three visible objects, with the fourth being a phallic item, that is possibly hidden within the people displayed on the images.

find the 4th object


What's the origin of I’m Sure You Can’t Find the 4th Object?

One of the earliest “I’m Sure You Can’t Find the 4th Object” type image macro was shared on iFunny by user KennyFuckingOmega on June 30th, 2019.

Following this, on August 4th, another image was shared in the r/shittymobilegameads subreddit, mocking the design of the ad.

In the rest of 2019, various images began circulating online, although it is not known, whether they are from the video game, “Find the Fourth Object” or if some were made by people, exploiting the popularity of the meme.

Spread & Usage

How did I’m Sure You Can’t Find the 4th Object spread?

In March 2021, a popular variation of the meme was uploaded to Instagram by @fun.officialz, where the image is claiming there’s a cup on the scene, although there doesn’t appear to be one. It is still a frequently asked question as of 2023, whether there is a cup on that image or not.

During 2022, these images made an entrance on TikTok, appearing in the videos of people, reacting to them on Live, while in other videos people were having discussions about the fraudulent nature of these pictures.

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