Image May Contain: Text


What does Image May Contain: Text mean?

Image may contain: text refers to the captions generated by AI on various images on malfunctioning websites, designed to describe their contents.

Following a mass outage of social media sites, related to Meta Platforms including Facebook and Instagram in July 2019, the captions became a popular meme online.

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What's the origin of Image May Contain: Text?

“Image may contain: text” type captions were seen by countless users online on July 3rd, 2019, when the social media sites Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp were subjected to a malfunction.

The malfunction resulted in unloaded images, with various AI generated descriptions of their contents.

Spread & Usage

How did Image May Contain: Text spread?

The same day, a plethora of users started making posts on Facebook as well as Twitter, mimicking the style of “Image may contain: text” creating a new trend, making fun of the situation.

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