What does Inconceivable mean?

Inconceivable refers to the memorable catchphrase of the villain from the 1987 fantasy movie The Princess Bride.

Online it has become a popular reaction image format, expressing disbelief.

Another meme originating from the same movie, where a character is reacting to the term “Inconceivable” is You Keep Using That Word, which garners a wider popularity on the web.



What's the origin of Inconceivable?

The Princess Bride premiered in the United States on September 25th, 1987.

The movie brings to life a fairy tale, in which a villain, Vizzini (portrayed by Wallace Shawn) kidnaps the titular character, The Princess Bride (played by Robin Wright).

It is from the mouth of Vizzini, viewers may know the term “Inconceivable” which is the catchphrase of the antagonist and is heard countless times throughout the film.

Spread & Usage

How did Inconceivable spread?

“Inconceivable” was turned into a reaction image macro meme, as well as a reaction GIF in the early 2010’s, appearing on numerous websites, ranging from Facebook, Instagram and Reddit, to express disbelief.

The meme’s popularity rose through the decade, although it never became one of the viral memes.

The search trend of the word “Inconceivable” on Google rose significantly with the release of the 2017 movie with the same title.

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