Is This a Pigeon?


What does Is This a Pigeon? mean?

The phrase Is This a Pigeon? ⁤has become an internet sensation and is often ⁣used humorously‍ in online communities, serving as a popular exploitable image macro meme.

This phrase is used when someone mistakenly⁣ identifies something or someone, similar to mistaking a butterfly for a ⁣pigeon. It is a humorous way to mock someone’s confusion or lack of knowledge ⁤about a particular topic. The phrase is mostly ⁢accompanied by an image of the protagonist from the anime series ⁣called “The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird,” pointing at a butterfly, asking if it is a pigeon.

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What's the origin of Is This a Pigeon??

The phrase “Is ​This⁣ a Pigeon?” originates from a scene in episode 6 of the anime series “The Brave Fighter ‍of Sun Fighbird,” which first aired in Japan in 1991.

In this ⁣particular scene, the⁣ main character, Yuutarou Katori mistakenly identifies a ‌large butterfly as a pigeon. The context and delivery of this line, combined with the character’s earnest confusion, created⁣ a moment that resonated with viewers, although the line was initially perceived as a translation error, when in fact, it was a literal translation of the Japanese phrase.

Eventually, ‌the screenshot of that scene started circulating on the internet, particularly on social media, giving birth to the “Is This a Pigeon?” meme. ​Internet users began using the phrase in various contexts beyond the original anime scene, leading to its widespread adoption as a‍ humorous⁢ way to point out mistaken identities or misconceptions.

The scene was turned into a meme in 2011, when Tumblr user, Indizi dell’avvenuta catastrophe shared an image macro. “Is This a Pigeon?” started gaining popularity after this, initially as a “translation gone wrong”, and later as a meme, appearing in a wide range of social media platforms and meme sites.

Spread & Usage

How did Is This a Pigeon? spread?

The “Is This a Pigeon?” meme quickly gained popularity on platforms ‍like Tumblr, Reddit, and Twitter. It has been widely shared in the form of images, GIFs, and videos, accompanied by clever captions that ‌incorporate the phrase.

The ⁤popularity of this meme can be attributed ​to its ⁢versatility, as it can be ⁤applied to a broad ‍range ​of situations. The phrase​ has become a staple in internet culture, finding its way into countless discussions and comment ⁣threads. Moreover, it⁣ has inspired variations and spin-offs that incorporate different characters and contexts. As memes tend‌ to evolve‌ and adapt over ‍time, ⁣”Is This a Pigeon?” demonstrates the internet’s ability to take ⁤a single instance from popular culture and transform it into a ‌widely recognized and humorous phrase.

The format has seen a resurgence in 2018, when object labeling memes were created from the original screenshot of the scene, swarming the web once again with the template.

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