It’s All So Tiresome


What does It’s All So Tiresome mean?

It’s all so tiresome refers to a reaction image macro, used to convey feelings of exhaustion and weariness.

Its all so tiresome


What's the origin of It’s All So Tiresome?

The image macro originates from the documentary Empire of Dust, revolving around the Chinese project of building a road, connecting the Congolese cities of Kolwezi and Lubumbashi.

The cultural difference between the Congolese and the Chinese results in a lot of hardships, to which the Chinese Head of Logistics, Lao Yang exclaims in frustration at some point “it’s all so tiresome”.

Spread & Usage

How did It’s All So Tiresome spread?

The documentary, as well as the reaction image are extremely popular on 4chan, where “it’s all so tiresome” as well as a number of other memes originating from the documentary are used frequently.

The meme is the most popular on 4chan’s /pol board.

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