It’s Clobberin Time


What does It’s Clobberin Time mean?

It’s clobberin’ time is one of the iconic catchphrases of the fictional Marvel superhero character, The Thing, who is one of the four members of the superhero group The Fantastic Four.

The Thing is a mutated human that appears as an orange-colored, super-strong rock like monster, who is equipped with a pair of heavy fist, well-fit to clobber his opponents with.

Online, various comic book frames, cartoon- and movie screenshots of The Thing are used in memes, accompanied with his catchphrase “It’s clobberin’ time”. These memes usually refer to something erotic, and are often used as reaction images, in the form of image macros.



What's the origin of It’s Clobberin Time?

According to the lore, Ben Grimm aka The Thing was an astronaut and former USAF test pilot.

Grimm was exposed to high levels of cosmic radiation when his best friend, scientist Dr. Reed Richards took him and his friends Sue Storm and her younger brother Johnny Storm, into space in the stolen rocket; Marvel-1.

The radiation mutated him and his friends, together they became the Fantastic Four, a team of adventurers who explored space, time, and alternate dimensions and saved the world along the way from science-based threats.

Spread & Usage

How did It’s Clobberin Time spread?

The original Fantastic Four comic books were sold from the year 1961. From that date, it’s clobberin’ time has been uttered by The Thing on multiple occasions. Initially, the quote appeared in the comic books in issue no. 22.

As a meme, it’s clobberin’ time was featured on the board r/Memes multiple times, as well as on other meme-sharing websites such as Imgflip or Memegenerator.

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