It’s Ma’am


What does It’s Ma’am mean?

It’s Ma’am is the title of a video that features scenes of an American transgender woman acting aggressively towards a GameStop employee, that has gone viral on the internet.

The person repeatedly shouts “It’s Ma’am” to the employee after being called a “sir”.  Given her masculine appearance, deep voice and malicious behaviour, this person in the clip has inspired many photo edits and parodies in online communities.

It’s MA’AM


What's the origin of It’s Ma’am?

The video was initially posted on Facebook in 2018 by a man called Tom Smith, but eventually was then taken down from the site.

Then, the clip was soon re-uploaded on YouTube by the news channel BignNews, in order to preserve the content.

Spread & Usage

How did It’s Ma’am spread?

The clip was featured in a great number of online articles on portals like The Daily Mail and Cosmopolitan, as well as on viral video-sharing site WorldStarHipHop and several cable channel news at the time.

Eventually, a large value of image remixes and photo edits of the trans-woman started to flood meme sharing sites such as 9gag and Reddit.

The clip going viral had also inspired the trans-woman herself to kickstart a hiphop career, and in 2019 she uploaded a rap song about the infamous video, under the alias saraTONIN.

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