It’s More Likely Than You Think


What does It’s More Likely Than You Think mean?

It’s more likely than you think refers to a memorable catchphrase from an online marketing campaign, run by ContentWatch.

The titular line was used on popup ads as a response to the disbelief of someone finding out they have Pron on their computer.

Online, the popup ads became a popular source for exploitable image macros.


What's the origin of It’s More Likely Than You Think?

“It’s more likely than you think” first emerged in the popup ad based online marketing campaign on ContentWatch during the summer of 2007.

The phenomenon was documented on Encyclopedia Dramatica early on, in September 2007, and early image macro edits started emerging by 2009.

Spread & Usage

How did It’s More Likely Than You Think spread?

“It’s more likely than you think” gained larger and larger popularity online in the 2010’s, with viral posts starting to emerge following 2016, especially on sites like Reddit, 9GAG and Imgur.

The meme received countless iterations, with many of them referring to other memes like Get Out of My Swamp.

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