It’s Wednesday My Dudes


What does It’s Wednesday My Dudes mean?

It’s Wednesday my dudes is an exploitable image, depicting Budgett’s frog (Lepidobatrachus laevis), combined with the titular text.

The photo is often turned into a parody, because of the comic appearance of the amphibian as well as its ridiculous screams.

It’s Wednesday my dudes from r/MandJTV


What's the origin of It’s Wednesday My Dudes?

The original image was posted on Tumblr on December 10th, 2014, posted by user kidpix2.

Spread & Usage

How did It’s Wednesday My Dudes spread?

It is still the phrase, not the image format, that turned into a viral meme.

There are over a thousand results for the hashtag #itswednesdaymydudes on iFunny.

It appeared on Facebook as well, however the most popular formats of “it’s Wednesday my dudes” comes from the Vines of JimmyHere, who says the sentence then proceeds to mimic the shriek of the frog on several short videos.

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