I’ve Made A Huge Mistake


What does I’ve Made A Huge Mistake mean?

I’ve made a huge mistake is an image macro reaction meme.

It is most often used when somebody confesses that they carried out their acts in an ill-mannered way.

The most widespread format of this meme features Gob from the American sitcom Arrested Development.

It frequently appears in the form of GIF, alongside with an impact-style font.

I’ve made a huge mistake


What's the origin of I’ve Made A Huge Mistake?

The phrase itself is quoted by the character Gob, because in the series he repeatedly says the line whenever he gets into trouble.

An article on Urban Dictionary discussed the phrase partly as “Something Gob might say on Arrested Development” as early as in 2005.

As a meme, I’ve made a huge mistake was first utilized in the form of an animated GIF on Reddit in 2011.

Spread & Usage

How did I’ve Made A Huge Mistake spread?

In 2012 the format was added on Quickmemes.

A dedicated page was created to the meme where regrettable actions were collected and put on the still image of Gob.

Later the meme landed in Reddit threads like /r/AdviceAnimals.

I’ve made a huge mistake was even given a section on the Wiki page of Arrested Development.

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