Jazz Music Stops


What does Jazz Music Stops mean?

Jazz Music Stops is a reaction image, depicting a musician, playing an upright bass, while his mouth is open.

Online, the face is thought to be depicting feelings of disgust and shock, and so it is used as a reaction image on image and message boards.

“Jazz music stops” all versions + bonus


What's the origin of Jazz Music Stops?

The face is from the oil painting of Fabrice de Villeneuve, titled Cool Jazz.

It appeared online as a reaction image on Reddit’s r/meirl subreddit, as well as Imgur in 2017.

Spread & Usage

How did Jazz Music Stops spread?

“Jazz music stops” started spreading rapidly on Reddit in 2017, showing up on several subreddits.

It also appeared on 4chan and Twitter, as well as Instagram, by October 2017.

In the following months, the meme format had turned iconic and would appear on all sites related to memes, including 9GAG and FunnyJunk.

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