Jesus Christ It’s Jason Bourne


What does Jesus Christ It’s Jason Bourne mean?

Jesus Christ it’s Jason Bourne (or Jesus Christ that’s Jason Bourne) is a famously quoted line from the 2016 movie Jason Bourne, uttered by the character Agent Jeffers.

The line is well-known to be paired up with ironic memes on the internet, which usually aim to make fun of a failed attempt to showcase physical dominance.


What's the origin of Jesus Christ It’s Jason Bourne?

Universal Pictures released the trailer of their upcoming action movie Jason Bourne in 2016.

The movie was the fifth piece of the Bourne franchise, with Matt Damon as the protagonist.

The trailer has generated more than 15 million views on YouTube since its upload.

During the movie, the C.I.A investigates the whereabouts of Bourne, who get’s located by the agency’s facial identification software. Agent Craig Jeffers, surprised by the fact that they got Bourne, utters the following in the scene: “Jesus Christ, that’s Jason Bourne”, while we can see Matt Damon appearing on the screen.

Spread & Usage

How did Jesus Christ It’s Jason Bourne spread?

Early remix videos mostly featured the scene from the movie, or other movie scenes with Matt Damon in them.

Eventually, the quote started to get associated with cringey and fail content. People would often edit the sound sample of Jesus Christ it’s Jason Bourne atop of videos of people who fail while trying to display their physical strength. These videos primarily spread on Vine and Coub.

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