John I Want A Divorce


What does John I Want A Divorce mean?

John, I want to divorce is a vintage-looking video that was created as a part of an acting project focusing on improvisation.

In the clip we can see a woman confronting a man about wanting a divorce.

The scene takes up an uncomfortable vibe after this,  as the man doesn’t take the suggestion very seriously and only laughs at the woman, resulting in a rather awkward dialogue.


What's the origin of John I Want A Divorce?

In 2011 the original clip was uploaded to YouTube with the title: “”I WANT A DIVORCE” (MAN WITH ARM AROUND WIFE).”

Prior to shooting the scene, the two actors were advised to improvise a whole dialogue as if they were a married couple, with one starting point. The woman had to open with the line “I want a divorce”.

The man proceeds to laugh every time the wife says the word divorce, making the conversation seemingly indecent

Spread & Usage

How did John I Want A Divorce spread?

Almost instantly, the Avengers fandom started to produce memes out of the scene.

Hawkeye’s relatable sentences were starting to be commonly used, in aim to portray ordinary, everyday situations.

Later on, the format landed on sites like Reddit or 4chan in various meme sharing threads.

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