What does Jotchua mean?

Jotchua, also known as Perro Dinero and Esquizo refers to a popular iamge macro meme, depicting a golden retriever puppy Dogeheld in one hand, facing the camera.

The meme started out as a viral ironic meme on shitposts on Spanish social media sites in 2021, and later spread to English language platforms as well.

“Jotchua” usually comes with the image of the dog, paired with the caption “Jotchua,” and nothing more, being one of the memes that is funny due to a lack of humor.



What's the origin of Jotchua?

The photo of “Jotchua” originates from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, and was uploaded to a Facebook group, named perrocurifeo in late 2020, putting two dogs up for adoption. One of these puppies, named Cain became the bright Golden Retriever, that got famous as “Jotchua.”

Earlier memes of the dog began emerging on YouTube, first making the him known as Esquizo, swarming Spanish YouTube with I’m at Soup type videos in January 2021.

By March 28st, the first ever image macro usage of the meme was documented, appearing on the Recreo Shitpost page on Facebook, naming the two dogs with opposing colors Cain and Abel.

“Jotchua” then went on to become Perro Dinero, appearing on Facebook posts, claiming users will get money if they see it.

The first ever proper “Jotchua” meme was shared on Instagram on January 24th, 2021, by @_kingorange, depicting the dog on a Demotivational Poster, with the captions “Jotchua.”


Spread & Usage

How did Jotchua spread?

Reposts of the original Demotivational Poster started circulating on Instagram, eventually emerging on even English language accounts.

In the following months, both Spanish and English language image macros and reaction memes were created from the original photo, leading “Jotchua” to conquer TwitterImgur and Tumblr.

The meme also began inspiring YouTube videos, both in English and Spanish, and by April 2021, most of the world knew who “Jotchua” was.


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