Kermit Sipping Tea


What does Kermit Sipping Tea mean?

The Kermit Sipping Tea meme ​is a popular internet meme that features a screenshot of the well-known Muppet character Kermit the Frog sipping a cup of tea.

The image is often accompanied by a caption that begins with the phrase “But That’s None‌ of My Business.” The meme is used to subtly comment on or mock someone’s ⁣actions, views, or gossip, while also expressing indifference or detachment. It has become a humorous⁣ way for people ‌to express ​opinions ⁤or throw shade without directly engaging ‍in confrontation.

The meme is a clever reference to the slang expression Spilling the Tea, or sharing gossip. It became a popular format in 2014.



What's the origin of Kermit Sipping Tea?

Memes featuring the Muppet began appearing on Instagram in January 2014, already used as a way of expressing frustration about Ratchet people and their behavior. These memes varied, as several images of Kermit were used, andthe only thing linking them was the hashtag #Kermitmemes.

This trend would eventually consolidate into the caption “But That’s None of My Business,” which can be attributed to the Instagram page @thatsnoneofmybusinesstho, created on June 20th 2014. Although the captions come from the page, the iconic image macro of “Kermit Sipping Tea” didn’t appear until two days later, when Tumblr user Kermit The Snitch was launched, sharing the first issue of the iconic meme.

The trend didn’t stop there, as the next day, a YouTube video of Kermit reading examples of “But That’s None of My Business” memes was uploaded by BEEZ.

Spread & Usage

How did Kermit Sipping Tea spread?

The “Kermit Sipping Tea” meme quickly spread across the⁤ internet due to‍ its relatable ‌and humorous nature. It became especially popular on Twitter,‍ where users would ⁢incorporate the meme into their ⁤tweets to express thoughts or observations about various⁤ topics, from ⁤current events to⁤ personal‍ experiences.

The meme’s versatility contributed to its widespread‍ adoption, and it transcended various online communities, becoming a staple in internet‌ culture. The popularity of the “Kermit Sipping Tea” meme resulted in countless variations and‍ remixes. People created their‍ own versions of ​Kermit with different expressions and backgrounds, while others put a twist on ​the caption or added other characters.

The meme even inspired ⁤merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, and phone cases. Its impact on pop culture can be seen in its integration into artwork, while the meme itself is still making appearances online, either as an image macro or a reaction GIF.

So next time‌ you stumble⁣ upon a juicy gossip or witness a situation that’s worth some snide commentary, just remember ‌the wise words of ‍Kermit the Frog and sip⁢ some tea – it’s none of your business, but it’s definitely entertaining to watch.

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