Kirby With a Knife


What does Kirby With a Knife mean?

Kirby with a knife is a popular photo online, depicting a plush doll of Kirby, appearing to hold a knife in its hand.

The original image has inspired photoshop edits and artwork online, spawning a plethora of reaction image macros, GIFs as well as DeviantART posts.


What's the origin of Kirby With a Knife?

The first instance of the “Kirby with a knife” photo can be traced to iFunny, where user ZERO posted it on June 6th, 2018.

It was paired with the captions “This guy has been standing outside my place for the past 30 minutes. I’ve called the police but they haven’t showed up.”

The post achieved a large amount of reactions, rapidly spreading on to other sites as well.

Spread & Usage

How did Kirby With a Knife spread?

Within a few days, the photo has been reposted on Twitter as well as Reddit’s r/photoshopbattles sub, marking the beginning of “Kirby with a knife” meme trend.

On June 15th, 2018, Tumblr user puffnet uploaded a series of artworks to the site, inspired by the titular meme. 

“Kirby with a knife” would turn into a popular theme for merchandize, spawning products like keyrings, hoodies, sharpeners, as well as wallpaper drawings and stickers on sites like Amazon or Etsy.

The theme has been explored in the final years of the 2010’s in every genre of art, including pixel art, corporate art, as well as toymakers, manufaturing plush Kirbies with plush knives.

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