Kirby’s Calling the Police


What does Kirby’s Calling the Police mean?

Kirby’s calling the police is an exploitable image from the video game Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.

On the picture, Kirby is holding a telephone in front of a black background, with the words “Kirby’s calling the police” written above.

Online, the image is used as a reaction image for statements and memes that are approaching the borders of legality and good taste.

Kirby's Calling the Police (cleaned up a bit)


What's the origin of Kirby’s Calling the Police?

The image was first posted to Imgur on March 31, 2018, by Reallundy.

Spread & Usage

How did Kirby’s Calling the Police spread?

“Kirby’s calling the police” started appearing on Reddit as a reaction to things that are illegal or immoral.

The meme is the most prevalent in relation to anime screenshots, where the suspicion of pedophilia arises.

By 2019, the format had spread on to a number of different subreddits, as well as Twitter.

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